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"It's pretty simple... couples are overwhelmed with an insane amount of information they find online to plan weddings and events. Event industry professionals are equally overwhelmed by the number of marketing and social media choices - they don't know where to put their ad dollars and they aren't connecting with potential customers.
Soirée Starter aims to solve these problems!"
- Founder, Lei Lydle
ChicagoBridal Founder, Lei Lydle

A Platform to Solve Some Industry Problems

Wedding industry veteran, Lei Lydle, is out to solve some problems not only for people planning weddings and events, but also for the businesses that serve them.

"I have learned a lot publishing several wedding planning web sites for the last 20 years and what I have been hearing most from wedding professionals is that none of their marketing efforts seem to be working the way they once did. They are getting lost in a sea of options on the large national directory web sites and social media. It is increasingly difficult to be found on social media giants Instagram and Facebook unless you want to shell out tons of money... and most of the smaller wedding businesses just can't afford it. Same goes for Google... with Google's ever changing algorithms, it is hard for small businesses to keep up - their best choice is paid ads on Google but again that can be unaffordable for small wedding businesses. On the flip side, we have people planning weddings complaining that there is too much information online for them to weed through - it is completely overwhelming. Couples are depending more and more on recommendations and reviews to narrow their choices etc. because they just can't look at every venue, photographer and DJ web site that is out there!" Lydle says.
"Honestly, ISO requests are not 'new' - there just isn't one single place online where wedding and event ISO requests are the focus. You may see random requests on NextDoor and sometimes in Facebook groups, maybe in various online forums, but almost none of these places allow both customers and vendors to post. And wedding and event ISO requests certainly aren't the focus of these other sites... so in MANY cases the nice people answering or commenting have little to no knowledge or experience in the local event industry. You will see answers for venue requests that do not fit the request even remotely.... things like, 'I had my wedding at {you name it} and it was beautiful' - meanwhile that venue isn't anywhere in the vicinity or price range of the request! Not helpful!"

Lydle aims to solve these problems with what she calls "Social Sales" through Soirée Starter - a unique beta platform through which couples and others planning weddings, social, or corporate events can submit a request outlining what they are looking for and then have the community respond with recommendations. The service is free to both users planning events and wedding professionals who may want to market their services through the platform.

Wedding pros can benefit not only from communicating directlly with potential clients, but also through the free and open platform to promote their services in their region.

Since Soirée Starter Is Free, We Need Your Support!

Web sites cost money to host, maintain, update etc. We want to keep this service free and would like to keep the interface free of banner ads, pop-ups, and affiliate links. If you like the idea, following are the ways you can help:

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Beta Launch February 6, 2018